A huge brawl broke out moments after Nurmagomedov successfully .

The melee was sparked after McGregor was attacked by two men in the immediate aftermath of his defeat, one of whom scaled the Octagon and punched him in the back of the head.

That man was reported to be Tukghov, though the identity of the assailants haven’t been revealed by the Las Vegas Police Department or the UFC.

But in a video on his social media pages, Tukghov appeared to confirm it was him who assaulted ‘The Notorious’.

“I slapped him as promised,” the Russian said according to a translation from Guardian journalist Karim Zidan.

“I promised to make him answer for his words and I did.”

Tukghov’s actions will almost certainly bring about the end of his UFC career.

“The guys who jumped in will never fight here. They’ll never fight here,” president Dana White confirmed in the post-fight press conference.

Moments after McGregor was attacked, Nurmagomedov leaped out of the cage and attempted to drop kick the Irishman’s jiu-jitsu coach and good friend Dillon Danis.

The undefeated Nurmagomedov apologised for his actions but believes he’s being unfairly criticised.

“First of all, I want to say sorry to the athletic commission, Nevada and sorry to Vegas,” Nurmagomedov said. “This is not my best side.

“I’m a human being, but I don’t understand how people can talk about jumping on the cage when he talks about my religion, he talks about my county, he talks about my father and he comes to Brooklyn and he broke the bus and almost killed a couple of people. What about this?

“Why are people talking about my jumping over the cage. I don’t understand.

“You cannot talk about religion, you cannot talk about nations, you cannot talk about this stuff. This is for me very important.”

Three members of Nurmagomedov’s team were arrested by LVPD but were released after McGregor declined to press charges.

The unsavoury brawl overshadowed an otherwise stellar fight card for the UFC and a career-defining victory for Nurmagomedov.

White has refused to rule out the possibility of relieving the Dagestan native of his title, saying: “No, it’s not 100 percent.

“The thing is, we’re regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, or whatever state we’re in, right?

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to go after him, I’m sure pretty hard. He doesn’t have to worry about me right now, he has to worry about Nevada.”