But if the right man is not available for the correct price, the Lakers boss would also back his current crop to challenge for the NBA Championship unaided.

Walton was heavily backed this summer as the Lakers coughed up to pen LeBron James to a four-year deal.

The small forward has already helped to change the Western Conference side’s fortunates as they sit fifth in their division.

However, speculation continues to circle about a potential move for Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and New Orleans Pelicans’ main man Anthony Davis.

But Walton would be confident of challenging in the post-season with his current set-up.

“Absolutely,” Walton said.

“Brandon, Kuz, ‘Zo, Josh Hart and if Moe starts getting in there a little bit.

“I think people around the league know what LeBron is doing, they know what Rondo is going to do, JaVale has been deep into the playoffs the last few years.

“Where we’re trying to get to and how much success we have by the end of the year is in large part going to be dependent on how much and how quickly our young players continue to grow.”

Walton also hailed James’ impact in helping to bring on the younger players.

“Before practice, after practice, individual work with coaches they work with, showing them every clip they had in a game — good and bad — in the film room as a group, from their teammates,” Walton added.

“They’ve been great. We give our young guys a ton of responsibility.

“That’s not easy in this league, to ask of them what we do. Coming out of the gate struggling record-wise, having new teammates, media everywhere.

“They just keep coming in and working and wanting to get better and figure it out.

“I’m very pleased with our young core.”