The Education Secretary is expected to brand Labour’s plan to impose a “common rulebook” on all schools as “dangerous control freakery”.

Damian Hinds was also due to call on Jeremy Corbyn to “leave our children alone” when he speaks at the launch of the Confederation of School Trusts at the British Library in London, on Thursday.

At the Labour Party Conference last month, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner announced plans to impose a new rulebook on schools, scrap the free schools programme and end academisation.

Mr Hinds was due to say: “Labour saw the evidence. They had a choice between what is working for children and what left wing dogma says.

“They have made their choice. For them, ideology comes before children’s education.”

He was due to add: “Angela Rayner may call it ‘local democratic control’.

“I call it not trusting schools. Why do Labour want to put politicians in charge of schools? It’s because they don’t trust headteachers.”

Ms Rayner accused Mr Hinds of “resorting to absurd claims”.

She said: “When ministers have more to say about the opposition’s policies than their own, it is clear that they’ve run out of ideas.

“The Tories’ figures on education spending and standards have unravelled day by day and these wild distortions of Labour policies are just another chapter in the same book of fiction.

“Parents, teachers and communities know that it is the Conservatives who have put ideology first and children second by slashing school budgets for the first time in a generation.”


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